Everyone can be a Everyday He.ro and make the world better!
Together we can create a world in Minecraft where everyone feels welcome.
Where own personal style is encouraged and words like “different”, “strange” or “odd” is liked! In Everyday He.ros world on Minecraft, all people in rainbow colors, lengths and sizes and age are welcome to be part of creating a safe and secure place, where neither bad attitude, prejudice or bullying is accepted!

Everyday He.ro on Minecraft is an exciting and important initiative where we both educates and empowers children to become a “Caring buddy” that helps other children and young people. Behind the initiative is the non-profit organization Suicide Rescue.

Together we prevent bullying and prejudice and create a safe and secure environment based on openness, respect, friendship and ♥.

You are welcome to contact us by filling in the form below or by e-mail: iam@everydayhe.ro